With every interlock project, we must first place a thin layer of stone dust on the granular base. This will create a perfectly level or slightly sloped surface. The bricks are then placed on top.

Depending on the shape/size of the patio we begin by placing our first stone. We continue to place the stones tightly against one another in the appropriate interlock pattern.

Once all the stones have been laid and cut, a complete brick-edge or perimeter border is required. This keeps the bricks from spreading or moving. It is a plastic or aluminum border held down with 12” galvanized spikes.

The surface is then swept to remove all dust and brick particles to prepare for the polymeric sand installation. Polymeric sand is swept into the joints of the brick to keep them from moving in any direction. This essentially solidifies the patio.

The sand is then wet slightly to activate the hardener and thereby effectively sealing the joints.


The types of interlock projects that we offer are: